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Here at Barker Insurance Group our advisors are here to show you how to avoid the downside of today’s market and put your money into a safe and protected financial product that will avoid the market loss so many are experiencing right now with the best growth potential on your money.

Let us show you how to grow your finances into something you can look forward to. We can help you create a financial plan for retirement so your future is secure when it’s time to stop working. It’s all about choosing the right product to invest in, but it starts with choosing a trusted advisor. Barker Insurance Group doesn’t just provide insurance. We also provide annuities and IULs which not only give you an option to grow your money safely, but to also provide a tax free death benefit to your loved ones, and many times can also provide you with a lifetime of income as well.

Whether you want to send your child or grandchild to college or take that dream vacation when you retire, we can help you make that dream come true!

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Debt Freedom is a modern way to pay off your debt using cash flow insurance. By utilizing the cash accumulation in a Whole Life or Universal Life policy, you are able to pay down the principal balance of your debts. You borrow from yourself to pay down the debt and reduce the interest being paid to the lenders. Creating our own Infinite banking system will pay off the debts in a fraction of the time. Now you can use the policy funds for your child’s education, take that vacation you’ve always wanted and to plan for retirement.

" With Debt Freedom you can eliminate
your debt, free up your finances and
live the life you were meant to! "