We've Got Your Health Covered - The Heart of Medicare

Medicare is a confusing and time-consuming process for most people. Every year Medicare plans can change. Services can be taken away, deductibles and copays can change and many services could be no longer covered. Barker Insurance Group has a variety of Medicare-qualified Health Insurance Products including Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans that are suited to meet all our clients’ needs. With our team of experts at Barker Insurance Group, we will help you find the perfect plan for YOU. Let us become your advocate making sure each year that you are in the most up to date plan that meets YOUR needs and offers you the best benefits available to you each year.
6 days a week our customer care is available and are always here to answer your questions!

The Biggest Hurdles When Joining Medicare

Several people end up paying more for their healthcare while on Medicare than they need to. There is no denying the fact that choosing the right Medicare plan can be really difficult. The different insurance plans are complicated and difficult to understand and even if you do understand them, you have dozens of different options to choose from, and that’s not even considering that you also have to choose the type of plan you want. Should you go with a Medicare Advantage plan that will cover your medical and drugs costs, or should you choose a Medicare Part D plan for your prescriptions and a Medigap policy for your care? This all depends on your finances, health care needs and your budget.